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Lactating ladies nurse customers at Kabukicho milk bar

Ichiban-gai in Kabukicho at night
Nikkan Gendai travled to a shop called Bonyu Bay in Tokyo’s red-light district of Kabukicho (above)

Okay, kiddies. Now there’s a way to take pub-crawling to a whole new dimension. Reporting in Nikkan Gendai (Aug. 4), writer Kazuo Kajiyama relates his experience in a shop named Bonyu Bar (Mother’s Milk Bar), located Tokyo’s entertainment district of Kabukicho.

We’re not talking about sterilized bottles full of formula topped with rubber nipples, but an udderly unique experience. Upon entering, Kajiyama is titillated to behold a trio of topless young women standing behind the counter.

“All three of them are nursing mothers,” he is told.

According to Bonyu Bar’s menu, a cup of freshly squeezed milk is 2,000 yen. And if you need to take nourishment straight from the source, it’s 5,000 yen for that tipple. Er, maybe that should read 5,000 yen per nipple.

Most of the shop’s clientele appear to be in their 30s and 40s, but Kajiyama spots one gentleman nursing his drink who has got to be at least 60.

The manager’s recommended formula is to start with a selection from each of the three. The first serving is supplied from Yui, age 28, who takes a shot glass from off the shelf, leans over, and begins filling it with mammary extract. Kajiyama samples it pensively. No odor and no flavor, he shrugs. Why, it’s not even up to the standards of bovine Bessy’s beverage.

But Mari’s milk is another story altogether. This 21-year-old’s is rich and sweet, and definitely a treat.

But 27-year-old Kaho’s output is awful — almost enough to make Kajiyama load his diapers. It’s yellowish, sour and repulsive — virtually undrinkable. It turned out Kaho happened to be slightly indisposed with a cold, and her physical condition had a pronounced impact on the quality of her milk.

Mari’s milk being head and shoulders over the other two, Kajiyama opts to go all the way, with the 5,000-yen special swilled straight from the source. As he nursed away at her nipple, she lovingly caressed his head and made cooing sounds.

“It was exciting, and at the same time I felt satiated psychologically,” he drools. “It was like getting it on without ejaculating.”

Source: “Mama san’nin bonyu wo nomi kurabe,” Nikkan Gendai (Aug. 4, page 22)