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Japanese AV a smash in China

Shukan Post May 3-10
Shukan Post May 3-10

The regulation of adult-oriented products in China is very strict. Author Hidetaro Nakata tells Shukan Post (May 3-10), “Adult videos and pornographic books are banned. In markets, the best you’ll see will be a woman in a bikini with stars covering her nipples.”

In spite of this environment, Japan’s adult video (AV) actresses stole the show at the 10th China International Adult Health and Reproduction Exhibition held in Shanghai between April 12 and 14.

Japanese starlets have many fans in China. So when Sumire Matsu and Nozomi Aso struck seductive poses on the stage for the booth promoting products from masturbation goods maker Tenga the audience burst into a frenzy as camera flashes popped.

In their best Japanese, the crowd yelled, “Thank you!” “I love you!” “You are the best!”

But with restrictions on importation of films in place, how do fans become familiar with Japan’s stars? “There are Web sites specializing in erotic content that provide the ability to download videos,” says Nakata, who wrote the book “A User’s Manual for Chinese People,” a look at the communist power’s citizens and its rise in economic strength. “Also, underground markets will sell illegal DVDs.”

Actresses Sola Aoi and Yui Hatano are also wildly popular in China. But it is not just about the performers, Shukan Post assures. China loves the Japanese AV brand, meaning everything to do with the production, including the camera work.

Source: “Chugoku 13okunin ‘seiyoku ha bokuhatsu da’ ichiokunin ga dotei no mama monzetsu shisuru,” Shukan Post (May 3-10)