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Gals flash hard cash to $leep with $umo-$ans

Sumo wrestlers (eugeneflores on Flickr)
Sumo wrestlers (via eugeneflores on Flickr)

The institution of host clubs, where Japanese women pay out rather exorbitant fees for the companionship of dashing young hunks, has been covered ad nauseam in the English media.

But the third installment of an ongoing series in Nikkan Gendai (Apr. 23) sheds light on a heretofore unfamiliar topic: that plenty of women are willing to pay big yen for the privilege of getting poked by a sumo wrestler.

Female groupies who clamor for a relationship with a strapping sumoist — and there are many — are known in the trade as sumo gyaru. It’s hard to generalize about their age, appearance and other attributes, although the daily tabloid notes that they often tend to be well fixed financially.

“These women set their sights mainly on wrestlers who don’t have much money, in the makunouchi class or lower,” says a former low-ranking sumotori. “If a guy can get some bread for a bang, he’ll go along, even if she’s something of a dog.

“The going rate runs from 10,000 to 30,000 yen,” he adds.

A paltry sum indeed.

Groped by a grappler

But females with an interest in being groped by a grappler are not confined only to the sumo gyaru. In addition to women who are genuine fans of the sport, some merely desire a top-knotted young hunk for his body. Wrestlers are, after all, pro athletes and even those somewhat larded on the exterior boast bulging biceps beneath.

“There was a former ozeki who would put on a mask of righteousness,” recalls a former wrestler, who currently operates a chanko nabe (wrestler’s stew) restaurant. “While we were on a tour of the sticks, he was accosted by the ‘mama’ of a club through an intermediary about spending the night. He was told she was willing to pay him 300,000 yen for the privilege. But he turned her down.

“Actually these kinds of propositions to higher-ranked wrestlers are fairly common. Me? Yeah, it happened to me too. But she wasn’t the mama of a club…”

The tabloid promises further lurid revelations in upcoming installments.

Source: “Oaite wa sumo gyaru kara kurabu no mama made,” Nikkan Gendai (Apr. 23, page 31)