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Downfall of popular Keio University student accused of indecent assault

Friday Sept. 15
Friday Sept. 15

On August 23, Kyohei Mitsuno, 25, was wearing a black Reebok sweatshirt, gray pants and a dour expression as officers from the Azabu Police Station escorted him to prosecutors on suspicion of attempted indecent assault.

Such an embarrassing scene may have been a first for Mitsuno, a popular student at Keio University who in spite of rumors of a checkered reputation with women seemingly had it all prior to his arrest, according to Friday (Sept. 15).

A classmate describes him as a tall, good-looking guy who entered Keio after attending Aoyama Gakuin University. But his behavior around women could be a bit off-putting.

“He would levy a lot of empty flattery on women and partake in body-touching,” the classmate says. “And he is a bad drunk. As far as women, they say stuff like, ‘If you go out with him, it is better to not drink.'”

“I wanted to touch her”

At 12:20 a.m. on August 1, Mitsuno allegedly came up from behind the woman, aged in her 20s, as she commuted home on a road in the Minami Azabu area and bear-hugged her. When the woman resisted, he fled the scene.

About 30 minutes after the incident, police found Mitsuno, who had since changed his clothes, about 200 meters away from the scene of the crime. Police arrested him after he was seen in security camera footage near the scene and a small injury to his knee was deemed to have been incurred as he fell in fleeing from the woman.

Upon his arrest, Mitsuno admitted to the allegations. “She looked so lovely from behind that I wanted to touch her,” the suspect was quoted by police.

Police are investigating whether Mitsuno is behind a similar incident that took place in April.


By all accounts, Mitsuno had everything going or him. In 2015, he appeared in the “Mr. Keio SFC Contest,” an event whose winners are determined via online voting over a three-month period.

In pursuing women on the smartphone dating application Tinder, his account utilizes two photographs of him and a title of “part-time employee at media company.” According to Friday, the company is Fuji Television, where he works twice each week on the “Minna no News” program.

Kyohei Mitsuno
Kyohei Mitsuno

Tamami Katada, a psychiatrist, speculates that Mitsuno’s downfall was due to conceit gone wild.

“With him being a good-looking guy attending a prestigious school and a past participant in the Mr. Keio Contest, it appears his love of himself and level of conceit are strong and high,” says Katada. “He’s the type who thinks he is special, embracing the idea that he is permitted to behave recklessly.”

Source: “Fuji Television no sutaffu datta Keio Dai-sei Mitsuno Kyohei yogisha no boso kahanshin,” Friday (Sept. 15, page 41)