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Disgraced lawmaker Toshinao Nakagawa shown at Ginza SM bar: report

Shukan Shincho June 8
Shukan Shincho June 8

For Toshinao Nakagawa, the former vice minister of trade, the hits just keep on coming.

A weekly tabloid has included a photograph showing Nakagawa, who resigned from his post in April after the emergence of a pair of adulterous relationships, in yet another highly compromising position.

The photograph, as printed in Shukan Shincho (June 8), shows the 46-year-old lawmaker at an SM bar in the Ginza entertainment area of Tokyo with a woman, whose arms are bound with rope, with her face in his crotch.

Basic entry to the bar runs between 40,000 and 50,000 yen. “I am very skilled at tying,” the politician said during one of his regular visits as he bound a hostess, according to the magazine. The snap was taken in the fall of last year.

The emergence of the photograph follows reports that Nakagawa, 47, maintained affairs with two women while his wife battled cancer.

In 2011, Nakagawa entered into a relationship with a woman he met while employed employed at a broadcaster. According to the report, again Shincho (Apr. 27), their tryst culminated with a fake wedding ceremony in Hawaii in September of 2013. That report came on the heels of the March 24 issue of weekly tabloid Friday, which outlined an illicit meeting between Nakagawa and LDP politician Megumi Maekawa.

“He shaved his head to express remorse”

On April 18, Nakagawa cited “personal matters” as his reason for stepping down from his post with METI. Three days later, he announced that he would be quitting the Liberal Democratic Party.

“Since the scandals got exposed, he allegedly got a monthly apartment and is living alone,” a political insider in Nagatacho tells Shincho. “While he hasn’t returned to his home turf of Hiroshima, he is said he shaved his head to express remorse. He will soon start to visit people to apologize in person.”

Nakagawa’s office responded to the latest allegations by Shincho by saying that no political funds were spent at the SM bar.

Source: “Nakagawa Toshinao atama wo marumeta jukon sutookaa no SM kinbaku shashin,” Shukan Shincho (June 8, pages 43-44)