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Accused arsonist sang ‘Burn! Burn! Burn!’ before arrest in Tokyo

Izaya Noda
Izaya Noda

TOKYO (TR) — Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a self-styled musician on suspicion of setting fires that disrupted services of East Japan Railway in the Tokyo over the last two months.

According to Huffington Post Japan (Sep. 16), the suspect’s musical output foreshadowed the crimes.

Izaya Noda, 42, was a guitarist and vocalist in a hard-rock band called AKKA. In 2000, he penned the song “Guerrilla,” whose theme bears a striking resemblance to the recent arson incidents in the capital.

Lyrics for the song include “Hide until the time comes to attack” and “Burn! Burn! Burn!” The tune also calls for the creation of a “new world” through the use of guerrilla tactics.

Noda is alleged to have started seven fires at electrical substations and cable networks that, police say, obstructed business.

The suspect denies the charges, saying that he was only involved in the burning of a substation on August 23.

On Twitter (@nekosuppa), Noda also offered support for the imperial system. He criticized those who say “the Emperor should bear full responsibility for Japan’s involvement in World War II.” He stopped using his account three years ago.

Police discovered a bicycle and hat similar to the ones seen on surveillance footage during the arson attacks when they searched Noda’s home in Tokyo’s Musashino Ward.