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Takkyubin trouble: Man with chainsaw threatens Yamato Transport worker

Yamato Transport filed a police report alleging that a man wielding a chainsaw ambushed a worker at its sales office and demanded his package be handed over (Nippon News Network)
Yamato Transport filed a police report alleging that a man wielding a chainsaw ambushed a worker at its sales office and demanded his package be handed over (Nippon News Network)

MIE (TR) – Yamato Transport, a takkyubin delivery company, has filed a police report alleging that a man wielding a chainsaw ambushed a worker at its sales office in Iga City while demanding that his package be handed over, Nippon News Network and the Mainichi Shimbun reported on Thursday (Jan. 5).

The man, self-proclaimed “YouTuber” Hasegawa Kazuaki 8003TV, allegedly snuck onto the grounds of the Yamato Transport Iga Aoyama distribution center in early December to lie in wait for a delivery driver while wielding a chainsaw.

Yamato Transport said the man ambushed a worker and demanded he be handed his package.

The man was allegedly upset a delivery driver took his package home after a delivery attempt was made when he wasn’t at home.

A YouTube clip now taken down appeared to show the man, half-naked, showing off a chainsaw.

Police are investigating the case and weighing charges of intimidation and forcible obstruction of business.

Fuji TV eyes trucker with a chainsaw?

The man, who describes himself as a “long-distance truck driver” on his YouTube channel, which has almost 9,000 subscribers, called himself a “criminal” in a video uploaded Thursday while covertly recording his interaction with someone appearing to be a representative from Fuji TV at his home asking him to appear on its program called “Tokudane” (meaning scoop) over the alleged incident.

In the nearly five-minute exchange, the worker appears to explain that Fuji TV wishes for him to refrain from live-streaming during the interview, which he said will air Friday at around 8 p.m., and that the station cannot predict the ramifications of the interview if he agrees to participate.

The man, addressed by the worker as “Mr. Hasegawa,” says “I don’t mind, since I’m a criminal,” to which the worker responds, “Well, we don’t know that, which is why we’re here to confirm that.”

The worker then appears to show him an online article reporting on the incident.

The video concludes with Hasegawa apologizing as he stops the stream to “head into an interview with Fuji TV.”

“I’m wondering myself why I went and did something like this”

In another video uploaded Friday titled “Apology Interview,” Hasegawa explains that the alleged incident was the result of an attempted package delivery.

“For anyone that doesn’t know about the incident, please…look up an article online dated January 4,” Hasegawa says, confirming that the article, likely by Tantei Watch, details the events of the incident.

“Seriously, looking back now, I’m wondering myself why I went and did something like this,” Hasegawa says in the video.

“Regarding this latest incident, I must first say that I have truly troubled people involved with Yamato, and I am truly sorry,” Hasegawa says before bowing for some 20 seconds.

“Normally, I ought to visit the headquarters and make an apology, but seeing how big this has ended up becoming, I’m aware that it’s not something that can be settled with an apology since I’ve stirred up society so much.”

Report: Man’s father turned away driver

As to the incident in question, news site Tantei Watch reported that it was informed by a reader that Hasegawa had uploaded a now-deleted video showing himself half-naked and wielding a chainsaw as he spoke of carrying out acts of intimidation.

Hasegawa said that a delivery driver from Yamato Transport failed to deliver his package properly even though he contacted them in advance.

The delivery attempt was made when he wasn’t at home and while his mother was taking a bath. His father turned the worker away after telling him he had no money.

Hasegawa took issue with the delivery driver leaving even though “I’m the one that’s the customer,” he said. There was allegedly no subsequent communication from the driver.

The man became enraged after he was unable to reach the delivery driver and the sales office despite making phone calls.

“I’ll circulate this all over the world”

Hasegawa eventually visited the Yamato Transport sales office with his father and called out from outside, but the office appeared to be unattended until a worker showed up a while later.

Hasegawa then called him a “thief fraudster” and screamed, “Hurry up and gimme my package already.”

So enraged was Hasegawa that the worker’s repeated apologies were falling on deaf ears.

Hasegawa said, “I’m going to broadcast this all over the world,” “You idiot, what are you stupid?” and “Making a goddamn fool out of me,” as he switched on his chainsaw and intimidated the worker.

When the worker asked Hasegawa for his name, he said, “You, don’t play innocent after taking back the package.”

But the worker explained that a different delivery driver visited his home, to which Hasegawa replied, “Yeah? And you call yourself a big company?”

Hasegawa said, “Don’t be looking down on a YouTuber, now,” and “I said bring it to me now, I’ll circulate this all over the world.”

Hasegawa then turned on his chainsaw again as he screamed, “You’re just screwing around.”

“This goddamn guy, he doesn’t deserve to live”

The worker went to search for his package at a warehouse and didn’t return for some time, prompting Hasegawa to shout, “You’re testing my patience, you wanna apologize again?”

After confirming the name of the driver who attempted his delivery, Hasegawa said, “Hurry up and get him over here to apologize already. This goddamn guy, he doesn’t deserve to live.”

Kazuaki Hasegawa
Kazuaki Hasegawa

Hasegawa said toward the camera, “Well, I’ll forgive you since I was able to get my package today, but this is your final warning, so don’t let this happen again.”

The face of the worker was shown in the footage throughout the filmed exchange, Tantei Watch reported.

The reader who provided the information said the video was deleted soon after Hasegawa uploaded it so its reach was minimal. A viewer uploaded a mirror video to YouTube, which was also taken down at the request of Hasegawa.

Tantei Watch reached out to the Mie Prefecture branch of Yamato Transport, which said the company was investigating details provided by an external source, adding that a relevant department had already confirmed the contents of Hasegawa’s chainsaw video.

Update: Police on Thursday announced the arrest of Kazuaki Hasegawa, reports the Asahi Shimbun (Jan. 6).