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Kochi cops: Male teacher molested boy overnight during field trip

Nippon News Network
A male teacher was held for molesting a male student during a field trip (Nippon News Network)

KOCHI (TR) – Police have arrested a male teacher here on Friday for allegedly molesting a male student at a hotel during a field trip, and was found to have exposed his genitals to other male students since three years ago.

Masahiro Ueda, 29, a teacher at a public elementary school in Kochi Prefecture, was held on indecent assault charges for grabbing the lower half of a male student’s body while he was on night watch at a hotel during a field trip in mid-September, Nippon News Network reports (October 21).

The Kochi prefectural board of education launched an investigation and found that Ueda had also kissed and exposed his genitals to a total of 14 male students over a three-year period up to September.

Ueda was quoted as saying he “was interested in boys” and was “unable to suppress my urges.”

The prefectural board of education dismissed Ueda from his post on Friday.