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Nagano: Manhunt underway after man shot in parking lot

NAGANO (TR) – Nagano Prefectural Police are hunting for a man who shot a second man outside a ramen noodle shop in the village of Miyada on Monday, reports TBS News (Sept. 28).

At around 5:00 p.m., the gunman opened fire at the second man while he sat in a car parked in a parking lot for the shop.

“I’ve been shot,” the second man told emergency services by telephone. Upon the arrival of emergency personnel, the second man was collapsed outside the vehicle with a wound to the abdomen.

A man was shot in a parking in the village of Miyada on Monday (NHK)

He was transported to a hospital in a conscious state. However, his condition is considered serious, police said.

According to police, both the gunman and the victim are members of criminal syndicates.

Police are seeking the whereabouts of the gunman on suspicion of attempted murder.