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Wakayama cops: Stimulant drugs found in body of real estate magnate

Kosuke Nozaki
Kosuke Nozaki

WAKAYAMA (TR) – Wakayama Prefectural Police have launched an investigation after a real estate magnate, known for his claim of having supported thousands of women, was found to have illegal drugs in his system following his death last week, reports TBS News (May 31).

On the night of May 24, Kosuke Nozaki, 77, was found collapsed at his residence in Tanabe City. He was later confirmed dead, according to police.

The results of an autopsy did not reveal the cause of death. However, an amount of kakuseizai, or stimulant drugs, was detected in his system, police said.

Police are now investigating whether there is connection between the cause of death and the presence of the drugs.

According to a previous report, Nozaki amassed tremendous wealth through work in the real estate, consumer lending and agriculture industries. His palatial residence in Tanabe is adorned with works of art by the likes of Tsuguharu Foujita, Chagall and Renoir, all of which made him a local celebrity.

“Don Juan”

Nozaki frequently boasted about relationships with women. In 2016, he penned “Don Juan of Wakayama: The Man Who Has Supported 4,000 Women with 3 Billion Yen.” Weekly magazines and television programs began to subsequently refer to him as “Don Juan.”

In the book, he discusses the well-publicized arrest of a female model, then 27, for stealing six million yen in cash and 29 pieces of jewelry (including a bracelet and wristwatch) valued at 54.5 million yen from inside his home. “She was one of the 4,000,” he wrote. “What is necessary in life is to have guts — and women to provide healing.”

Last month, he wrote a follow-up under the same “Don Juan” moniker in which he focuses on his longevity. “I live to have sex with beautiful women. For that reason, I became a very wealthy person,” he wrote.

This past February, Nozaki married a woman 55 years his junior. On the day of his death, she found him not breathing on a sofa in a second-floor bedroom of the residence. A live-in maid was then called to the room. However, he never regained consciousness, according to Nikkan Gendai (May 28).

A wake and funeral service were scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday.