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3 University of Tokyo students indicted for indecent assault

The University of Tokyo
The University of Tokyo
TOKYO (TR) – Police indicted three male University of Tokyo students on Friday for suspected indecent assault of a woman in an apartment in May.

Suspects Kensuke Matsumi, 22, Yasutomo Komoto, 22, both University of Tokyo students, and Koki Matsumoto, 23, a University of Tokyo graduate student, were indicted on charges of indecent assault for allegedly forcing a female college student to strip before forcefully kissing her and molesting her buttocks and chest in Toshima Ward, Tokyo, the Mainichi Shimbun reports (June 3).

Two other University of Tokyo suspects were arrested but not prosecuted for undisclosed reasons.

According to the indictment, the suspects gathered in an apartment room in Tokyo to drink alcohol with the victim and other friends on May 11 sometime past midnight when they forced her to strip before carrying out actions like kissing her and molesting her buttocks and chest.

Matsumi allegedly dropped boiling-hot noodles on the victim’s chest.

The suspects, the victim and other female university students were consuming alcohol at an establishment near JR Ikebukuro Station, and moved to the apartment where they continued drinking.

Sugamo police responded to an emergency call made by the woman after she fled from the apartment.