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Tokyo police trap nets man in swindle of elderly woman in Shinagawa

Koki Amemiya
Tokyo police have accused Koki Amemiya in the swindle of 1 million yen from an elderly woman in Shinagawa Ward (TBS News)

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police working off a tip from an elderly woman arrested a 24-year-old man in the swindle of 1 million yen, reports TBS News (July 28).

On July 26, police apprehended Koki Amemiya, a resident of Yokohama, upon the reception of 1 million yen in cash from the woman, 87, at her residence in Shinagawa Ward.

The day before the apprehension, the woman was told on the telephone by a person falsely claiming to be her son that he needed money due to a mistake he had made at work.

After becoming suspicious about the claims, the woman alerted police. Officers then waited for Amemiya to arrive at the residence.

Amemiya, who has been accused of fraud, denies the allegations. “I went [to the woman’s residence] to pick up documents only,” the suspect told police. “I didn’t know money [was inside the package].”

Fraud ring

Amemiya is believed to be a member of a fraud ring. In Shinagawa, police have learned about six similar incidents this month. Police are investigating whether Amemiya is connected to the other cases, according to TV Asahi (July 28).