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Tokyo: Pair suspected of fleecing women with ‘mistress contract’ ruse

Taiji Yamauchi
Taiji Yamauchi (Twitter)

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested two men who are suspected of defrauding women they met online who were interested in engaging in a “mistress contract,” reports TBS News (Feb. 9).

According to the Otsuka Police Station, Taiji Yamauchi, a 22-year-old, and Kazumasa Shimizu, 32, are suspected of swindling at least 10 women by misappropriating their credit cards for what were said to be one-time fees to facilitate agreements for them to become paid mistresses for men.

Each suspect had a role in the scam. Yamauchi served as an intermediary charged with interviewing the women. Meanwhile, Shimizu posed as the president of the company providing the service. He handed out business cards to reassure victims, police said.

On January 23, the suspects met a 26-year-old woman whom they got to know on a deai-kei matchmaking site in the lobby of a high-end hotel in the capital.

“At a rate of 200,000 yen per month, we can get you set up in a mistress contract,” of the suspects reportedly said. “If you give us custody of a credit card, we can proceed with paying the company’s expenses.” The suspects then charged 340,000 yen to the card of the woman.

Both suspects, who have been accused of fraud, deny the allegations, police said.