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Tokyo: Man, 57, posed as talent scout in molesting women

Shigeru Tanaka
Shigeru Tanaka (Twitter)
TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 57-year-old man who admits to having posed as a talent scout in molesting women, reports TBS News (May 23).

In December, Shigeru Tanaka, of no known occupation, approached a middle school girl, aged 12 at the time, on the platform of JR Harajuku Station in which he claimed to be a scout for a big-name talent agency.

The suspect then took the girl to a studio in Arakawa Ward. During a photo session, he fondled her chest in what he said was a “breast adjustment.”

Upon his arrest, Tanaka said, “I’ve done this repeatedly for three years. In heavily trafficked areas, like Shinjuku, I’ve called out to about 300 women, aged between their teens and 20s. While taking photographs, I fondled their chests.”

In carrying out the ruse, Tanaka handed out fake business cards. Police seized a computer containing 500 images of women, including young girls.