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Tokyo: Fraudster’s mom rats him out to cops

Kenta Tsuda
Kenta Tsuda (Twitter)

TOKYO (TR) – After an appeal to the public in seeking the perpetrator behind the swindling of a elderly woman, Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested the suspect by working off a tip from his mother, reports TBS News (June 27).

On May 23, the victim, 79, was told on the telephone by a person claiming to be from the Financial Services Agency that a “foreign fraud ring using a forged card” had misappropriated 500,000 yen within one of her accounts.

Thereafter, the suspect, later identified as Kenta Tsuda, 22, arrived at the residence of the woman and collected three cards. A total of 600,000 yen in cash was then pulled from her accounts at a convenience store ATM machine about 200 meters away, according to police.

In images released publicly by police, Tsuda was shown wearing a suit and tie. He formerly lived in Funabashi and Ichikawa cities in Chiba Prefecture, but his whereabouts were not known.

Following the release, several acquaintances urged Tsuda to give himself up. However, it was after his mother tipped off police that officers arrested him at his family home in Chiba City. “Driven by mental anguish, I returned home, thinking that it would be acceptable to be caught,” the suspect was quoted.