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Tokyo court drops fraud case against ‘Beautiful Witch’

Chikage Tomita as ‘Chikage Fujikawa’
Chikage Tomita as ‘Chikage Fujikawa’

TOKYO (TR) – The Tokyo District Court on Wednesday dropped a fraud case against a 45-year-old female celebrity accused of swindling a company out of more than six million yen in a land-purchase scam, reports TV Asahi (Oct. 12).

The court ruled that there was “insufficient evidence” against Chikage Tomita, who was arrested in June, to show that she had conspired with Takashi Kagaya, 45, in the fabrication of a real estate document presented to a management company to collect a commission fee of 6.5 million yen for the purchase of a property.

At the time of incident, Kagaya, who also faces fraud charges, was an employee at the management company. The payment was transferred from the company into an account belonging to a family member of Tomita.

Tomita has a career in entertainment under the name “Chikage Fujikawa.” She regularly appears on television variety programs and in fashion magazines.

In 2011, she was one of 18 finalists in the “2nd National Beautiful Witches Contest,” which is a beauty pageant featuring women in their late 30s and beyond.

Kagaya is currently under prosecution for fraud in the same case.