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Tokyo cops: Shimbashi club ripped off customers with watered-down drinks

Toshihiro Kakamu (L) and another employee of Second Class
Toshihiro Kakamu (L) and another employee of Second Class

TOKYO (TR) – Following complaints of overcharging, Tokyo Metropolitan Police have busted a hostess club operating in the Shimbashi district of Minato Ward, reports TV Asahi (Jan. 15).

Officers arrested four employees at Second Class, including Toshihiro Kakamu, 23, after charging 4,000 yen for a glass of white wine watered down with jasmine tea.

Police technically apprehended the suspects for excessively hassling customers in the streets.

Since the opening of Second Class in July of last year, police have received more than 100 complaints about overcharging from customers.

Over a six-month period, the club collected 90 million yen in revenue.

In 2014, police arrested Kakamu for overcharging customers at a hostess club in the Kabukicho entertainment area of Shinjuku Ward.