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Tokyo cops nab man in ¥1 million swindle of elderly woman

Takashi Hori
Takashi Hori has been accused of swindling an elderly woman in Shinjuku Ward out of more than 1 million yen (TBS News)

TOKYO (TR) – When the hunter becomes the hunted.

A 21-year-old man suspected in the swindling of more than 1 million yen from an elderly woman fell victim to another would-be victim, whose quick thinking led to his apprehension, police said on Wednesday, reports TBS News (May 24).

On April 10, Takashi Hori, a resident of Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, allegedly worked in conjunction with members of a fraud ring in posing as the son of the woman, 89, on the telephone and falsely claiming that he had lost a bag containing a check. He then obtained 1.1 million yen in cash from the woman.

Three days later, Hori attempted to pull a similar ruse on another woman, 79, in Arakawa Ward. She, however, reported Hori to police after sensing that his voice on the telephone did not resemble that of her grandson, whom he was claiming to be.

Police subsequently apprehended the suspect at the location where he was to receive cash from the victim, according to Nippon News Network (May 24).

“I was requested [to commit the crime] by an unknown person,” the suspect told the Arakawa Police Station in denying the allegations.

Police suspect that Hori is a member of a fraud ring that targets elderly persons.