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Tokyo cops nab ASDF member in abduction of teen girl

Toshihisa Yamauchi
Tokyo police have accused Toshihisa Yamauchi in the abduction of a teenage girl

SAITAMA (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested an Air Self-Defense Force in the abduction of a teenage girl in Tokorozawa City, reports Jiji Press (Mar. 16).

On Thursday, officers from the Kanda Police Station arrested Toshihisa Yamauchi, a 38-year-old captain at the Iruma Air Base, for allegedly abducting the girl, 16, and bringing her to his dormitory, located in Higashisayamagaoka, after becoming acquainted with her via a chat application.

According to police, the girl posted a message on TwitCasting whereby she indicated she wanted to run away from home. “If you come here you can do whatever you want,” Yamauchi replied. On February 16, the suspect took the girl via his vehicle from her residence to the dormitory.

“She was troubled, and I wanted to help,” the suspect is quoted by police.

On March 13, Yamauchi, who lives alone, posted a message on the site whereby he said that he was “sheltering a 16-year-old girl.” The message was subsequently seen by the operator of the site who then alerted police.

The girl told police she wanted to run away because he father is “very strict.”