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Tokyo cops: Man hid in restaurants to commit thefts

Shinsuke Narukawa
Shinsuke Narukawa

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a former male employee of an izakaya restaurant chain who is suspected of hiding inside outlets to steal cash from them, reports Nippon News Network (Sept. 26).

In July, Shinsuke Narukawa, 34, entered a branch of chain Uotami in Arakawa Ward through an unlocked door and hid in a space for the legs of customers beneath a table as staff members closed the establishment. He then allegedly stole 86,000 yen in cash.

Narukawa, who has been charged with theft, admits to the allegations. “I have credit card debt of three million yen,” the suspect is quoted by police. “I also needed money to live.”

According to police, since the suspect used to work for the chain, he remembered where money is kept.

Police are currently investigating his involvement in similar robberies that have taken place at around 40 outlets in 10 administrative districts across the country in which the damage totaled two million yen.