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Tokyo cops: Man ejaculated into condom, stuffed it into girl’s bag

Kiyoshi Kuroda
Kiyoshi Kuroda

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Tuesday arrested a 58-year-old cleaning company employee who is alleged to have placed a used condom in the bag of a school girl, reports the Sankei Shimbun (July 5).

On May 17, Kiyoshi Kuroda allegedly inserted a condom containing his semen into the bag of the girl, a high school student, on the platform for Tokyo Metro’s Chiyoda Line inside Kokkai-gijido-mae Station.

Kuroda became a person of interest for police after the examination of security camera footage. A subsequent DNA analysis of semen in the condom proved to be a match for the suspect.

Kuroda, who has been charged with damaging property, admits to the allegations. “Two or three years ago, I began doing this due to stress at work,” the suspect is quoted by police.

Upon arriving at school on the day of the alleged crime, the girl noticed the condom in her bag. She then told her father, who contacted police.

According to police, the results of the DNA analysis also matched other pieces of evidence from a number of similar crimes.