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Tokyo cops: Hostess defrauded drunken customers

Mizuki Tomozawa
Mizuki Tomozawa

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 41-year-old bar hostess who swindled drunken customers, reports TBS News (Feb. 16).

In October of last year, Mizuki Tomozawa, the manager of “snack” Pub Mizuki, located in Adachi Ward, is alleged to have charged 225,000 yen to the credit card of a male customer, 51, after he became highly inebriated on wine. She also received 50,000 yen in cash that he withdrew from a nearby convenience store automatic-teller machine.

Tomozawa, who has been charged with fraud, denies the charges, telling police that she does not remember the incident.

Over the past year, Tomozawa is believed to have pulled the same ruse in at least 10 other cases in which the damage totaled three million yen.