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Tokyo cops: Company president used stun gun on ex-employee in money dispute

Ko Takahashi
Ko Takahashi

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a male company president in the alleged robbery and assault of a former male employee over a financial dispute, reports TBS News (Nov. 30).

On November 12, Ko Takahashi, 21, and five other persons allegedly forced the man, 20, into a car in abducting him off a road in Shinjuku Ward. After bringing him to a company dormitory, the suspects allegedly shocked him with a stun gun and beat him with a wood stick while his limbs were bound.

The victim, who was also allegedly robbed of 10 million yen by the suspects, suffered broken bones in his back that required one month to heal.

According to police, Takahashi heads a company that engages in a variety of investments. The motive for the attack was to obtain information related to the return of money taken by another former employee.

Takahashi partially denies the allegations. “He was playing dumb in claiming to not know [the other former employee’s] whereabouts so we beat him,” Takahashi is quoted by police. “But we did not steal any money.”