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Tokyo cops bust Internet casino in Tachikawa

Fumitomo Miyagi
Fumitomo Miyagi
TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Friday raided a casino masquerading as cafe in Tachikawa City, reports TV Asahi (May 12).

Officers took the manager of Ireland, 35-year-old Tatsumi Miyagi, and one other suspect into custody on gambling charges.

The operation, located in front of JR Tachikawa Station, had personal computers in place and was registered with an overseas gambling site. Points to be used for gambling were sold to customers at a rate of 100 yen each and could later be exchanged for cash.

Miyagi has reportedly admitted to the allegations.

According to investigators, the establishment had cameras installed at the entrance to record the faces of customers entering and departing in an effort to evade a crackdown.

Three customers inside the premises at the time of the raid were also arrested.

Over an 18-month period, the casino collected 54 million yen in revenue.

According to Fuji Network News (May 10), the suspects advertised the business by handing out tissue packs in front of the station that read, “Las Vegas excitement in Japan.”