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Tokyo cops arrest woman for leaving just-born baby in tote bag

Megumi Nakamura
Megumi Nakamura (Nippon News Network)

TOKYO (TR) – A woman placed the body of her just-born baby in a tote bag after giving birth alone in her apartment in Adachi Ward last year, police said on Wednesday.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested Megumi Nakamura, 43, on suspicion of abandoning a corpse after she left her baby boy inside her tote bag in November 2016, Nippon News Network reports (Feb. 1).

Nakamura has admitted to the charges, saying she was living with her male companion at the time and gave birth alone.

“I realized I lost my baby after he didn’t cry,” Nakamura told police. “Poor him, I just couldn’t let him go.”

Police are questioning the man she lived with and investigating the circumstances of the baby’s death.