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Tokyo police officer alleged in secret filming of female bather

A sergeant allegedly trespassed into a woman's residence and filmed her bathing with his smartphone
A sergeant allegedly trespassed into a woman’s residence and filmed her bathing with his smartphone

TOKYO (TR) – A 31-year-old police officer accused of shooting illicit images of a woman inside her residence in Nerima Ward last year has resigned from his post, reports the Asahi Shimbun (Mar. 14).

In late November, the officer, a sergeant in the anti-organized crime division at the Musashino Police Station, allegedly crept into the woman’s residence in late November and filmed her with his smartphone while she took a bath.

The officer was prosecuted on Monday on charges of trespassing and voyeurism, which is a violation of the Minor Offenses Act. He denies the charges.

Police was apprehended their colleague after receiving a telephone call from another dweller in the residence who encountered the intruder. During the investigation, a check of a digital camera belonging to the suspect revealed more than 10 tosatsu (or voyeuristic) videos featuring the underpants of other women that were shot inside train cars and stations.

The sergeant received a three-month suspension from duty as punishment for the incident. However, he submitted his resignation on the day of his prosecution.

“As an act unworthy of a police officer, a strict punishment was handed down,” said Mikishige Takizawa, a police representative. “Through guidance and education of staff, I want to work to prevent a recurrence.”