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Osaka man admits to dumping body of wife in Nikko

Katsushi Hano
Katsushi Hano

TOCHIGI (TR) – Tochigi Prefectural Police have arrested a 34-year-old man for allegedly dumping the body of his wife in a forest in Nikko City, reports TV Asahi(Mar. 23).

Earlier this month, Katsushi Hano, a resident of Osaka’s Nishi Ward, informed police that he had strangled his wife, 40, to death and left her body lying face-up on a slope in a wooded area in Koshiro.

Police subsequently found a woman’s body in the area the suspect described. It did not contain any external wounds. The results of an autopsy revealed the cause of death to be suffocation. Police are seeking to confirm the identity of the body, according to Nippon News Network (Mar. 23).

Hano told police that he and his wife traveled to Nikko in order to commit suicide together.