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Suspect in Kobe stabbing that left 3 dead to be re-arrested for murder

Tatsuo Nanbu
Tatsuo Nanbu was found stabbed to death in Kobe on Sunday (TV Asahi)

HYOGO (TR) -Hyogo Prefectural Police plan to apply fresh charges of murder to a 26-year-old man in custody over a stabbing incident in Kobe over the weekend that left three persons dead and two others injured, reports TV Asahi (July 17).

Police expect to charge Kanami Takeshima with murder following the discovery of the bodies of Tatsuo Nanbu (83), his wife, Miyuki, also 83, and 79-year-old Yaeko Tsuji in a residential area on Sunday.

Officers arriving at the residence that morning of Nambu and his wife found them both collapsed and bleeding. Police also found the body of Tsuji collapsed in a parking lot about 50 meters away. All three persons were confirmed dead.

At a shrine nearby, police later arrested Takeshima, who was found to be in possession of a blood-soaked knife and baseball bat, on suspicion of violating the Swords and Firearms Control Law.

Suspect is grandson of victims

The suspect is the grandson of the Nanbu couple. The three lived together in the residence. Since the suspect has hinted at involvement in the killing of the elderly couple, he is expected to be charged with murder for their deaths.

The mother of the suspect, 52, and another female resident of the area, 65, were also found to have been slashed near the residence. They received treatment at a hospital.