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Son of actor Akira Shimizu nabbed for use of stimulant drugs

Ryotaro Shimizu
Tokyo police have accused actor and impressionist Ryotaro Shimizu of using stimulant drugs

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested the son of actor Akira Shimizu for the alleged use of stimulant drugs, investigative sources revealed on Thursday.

Police began questioning Ryotaro Shimizu, 29, who is an impressionist and actor, after receiving a tip from a woman about drug use at a hotel in the capital on Tuesday. An analysis of the urine of Shimizu gave a positive result for kakuseizai, or stimulant drugs, according to Sports Nippon (Oct. 21).

Police believe Ryotaro used stimulant drugs in the capitol some time in late September. He denies the allegations. “I did not use,” the suspect was quoted by the Mejiro Police Station.

In February, weekly tabloid Friday reported on visits by Ryotaro to an illegal casino. Following the revelations, the agency of the actor issued a statement saying that he did not wager any money. However, his entertainment activities were temporarily halted.

“I was careless”

Prior to his return to show business for a live show in June, Ryotaro offered an apology. “I was careless, naive,” he said. “I want to continue working with a new feeling.”

Ryotaro has appeared on a number of television variety programs and dramas, including his debut in 1996 on “Koumyou Ga Tsuji,” a long-running historical series broadcast on NHK.