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Sendai couple pinched for peddling wife’s perverted pictures, panties

Yuji Chiba
Yuji Chiba
SENDAI (TR) – Miyagi Prefectural Police on Friday announced the arrest of a man for selling obscene photos of his wife over the Internet, reports Nikkan Sports (Mar. 29).

On Wednesday, officers from the Omori Police Station charged metal worker Yuji Chiba, 35, and his wife Chihiro, 30, with the distribution of obscene digital media for selling photographs showing genitalia and previously worn women’s underwear via auction sites.

Since October of last year, the pair, which promoted their items as “A Housewife’s Life Exposed,” collected two million yen in revenue from the business. In October, a man in Chiba Prefecture purchased two photographs of Chihiro for 1,000 yen.

Initially, the photography was a hobby for Chiba. But after a trial sale on an auction site resulted in rising bids a business whereby the photos were packaged as a set with used underwear began.

Along with the underwear, Chihiro attached a lipstick mark and a message of thanks.

From the couple’s Sendai home, officers seized 150 pairs of underwear, 30 DVDs, four smartphones and one computer.

Both suspects have reportedly admitted to the allegations, saying they did it to cover living expenses.

Officers are now examining the contents of the DVDs.