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Parts of 9 corpses found in Zama apartment of man who accessed group suicide site

Tokyo police have revealed that parts of nine bodies were found in an apartment in Zama City
Tokyo police revealed on Tuesday that parts of nine bodies have been found in an apartment in Zama City (TBS News)

KANAGAWA (TR) – Following the discovery of two severed heads in an ice cooler inside a residence in Zama City of a man who accessed a suicide site, police have revealed nine dismembered corpses have been found in the residence, reports NHK (Oct. 31).

At 4:00 p.m. on Monday, Tokyo Metropolitan Police entered the second-floor residence, located in the Midorigaoka area, and found two severed heads inside an ice cooler. Several other ice coolers inside the premises contained other body parts. According to police, the body parts are from a total of nine persons.

The man is currently undergoing questioning on suspicion of abandoning one of the corpses. According to a previous report, he told police, “I did this several times before.”

Woman from Hachioji City

Police believe one of the bodies is believed to belong to a 23-year-old woman from Hachioji City. On October 21, the parents of the woman were unable to contact their daughter. Three days later, the older brother of the woman lodged a missing persons report with the Takao Police Station.

According to police, the woman posted a message on Twitter saying that she was seeking partners with whom to commit suicide as a group. She also is known to have corresponded with the man who lives in the residence, aged in his 20s, on at least one occasion on a site for people seeking to take their lives.

An examination of security camera footage taken at Odakyu Sobudai-Mae Station, which is located near the residence, on October 23 shows the woman with a person believed to be the undergoing questioning.

Police are now working to identify the bodies.