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Nagasaki teacher took illicit footage of female students during recitation of multiplication tables

A male teacher told underage female students to recite multiplication tables while he filmed up their skirts
A male elementary school teacher in Nagasaki City told female students to recite multiplication tables while he filmed up their skirts

NAGASAKI (TR) – A elementary school male teacher in Nagasaki City was suspended after he admitted to taking illicit videos of female students with a tablet computer on multiple occasions during one-to-one classes, reports the Asahi Shimbun (Nov. 18).

The 61-year-old public elementary school teacher admitted to placing the tablet under a desk to take tosatsu, or voyeur, footage of second-year elementary students in a classroom during lunch break on November 13, the city’s board of education said.

In carrying out the act, the teacher, a former vice-principal in the prefecture, made the girls sit across from him one at a time to recite multiplication tables.

On that day, one of the victims noticed his odd behavior and told her parents, who then informed school officials. The teacher admitted to the crime after he was confronted the same day and said he also took illicit footage on November 9 and the day after, officials said.

The school board then contacted police, believing the teacher violated regulations for the prevention of public and private nuisances.

The teacher’s tablet contained several minutes of voyeur footage from November 9 and 10, including images of underwear, but the teacher deleted the illicit material filmed on November 13, according to the school.

Suspended since Tuesday, the teacher was hired at the school this spring following his retirement two years ago.