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Moe Yamaguchi divorces husband following arrest over illegal Tokyo hostess club

TOKYO (TR) – Three months after her husband was arrested, actress Moe Yamaguchi has filed papers for divorce proceedings, reports tabloid Sports Nippon (Aug. 31).

IT mogul Shigeo Ozeki, husband of the 34-year-old Yamaguchi, was arrested in May for running an illegal hostess club, Birth Nishiazabu, located in Tokyo’s Minato Ward. This month Ozeki, 36, was fined 500,000 yen for the incident.

Yamaguchi and Ozeki have two children.

Since 1999, Yamaguchi has made her name in the biz by starring in commercials, principally for pharmacy chain Matsumoto Kiyoshi, and television programs for broadcasters TBS, TV Asahi and NHK.