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Man injures woman with knife throw inside Himeji ‘snack’

HYOGO (TR) – Hyogo Prefectural Police have arrested a 35-year-old man for allegedly slashing a woman with a knife inside a hostess club in Himeji City, reports Fuji News Network (May 7).

At around 7:30 a.m., Kono, a bar employee, allegedly threw the knife while at the counter of the “snack” club, striking the victim, aged in her 20s, in the right armpit.

The woman was rushed to a hospital with injuries that are not considered life-threatening, the Himeji Police Station said.

Prior to the incident, Kono was drinking with a male acquaintance. They then got into a dispute over the drinking of alcohol. The woman was in a separate party.

In addition to the knife — with a blade measuring 12 centimeters long — Kono threw an earthenware pot.

Upon his arrest on suspicion of attempted murder, Kono admitted to the allegations. “I threw the knife with the hope that the man I was [drinking with] would die,” Kono said. “I didn’t intend to kill the woman.”

Hyogo Prefecture is currently under a state of emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic. Under the measure, bars and restaurants serving alcohol are requested to close. However, the snack ignored the request.