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Man in custody at Tokyo police station dies following assault by cellmate

Itabashi Police Station
Itabashi Police Station

TOKYO (TR) – A man in detention at a Tokyo police station who was assaulted earlier this month by a cellmate has died, Tokyo Metropolitan Police said on Monday, reports NHK (Sept. 25).

At around 1:25 p.m. on September 4, an officer at the Itabashi Police Station heard a loud sound and rushed to a cell where an inmate, 32, was seen stomping on the head of another inmate.

The victim, 46, was rushed to a hospital in an unconscious state. He was confirmed dead on Sunday, police said.

The assailant was arrested on suspicion of assault. “As to why I committed the assault, I don’t know,” the suspect was quoted in admitting to the allegations.

History of psychological problems

On August 20, the suspect was first arrested for allegedly vandalizing the vehicle of an acquaintance. Since the suspect has a history of psychological problems, a doctor examined him prior to his detention.

Police are now examining whether he can be held criminally responsible for the assault while also considering applying charges of manslaughter.

“Since [the suspect and victim] did not engage in any quarrels previously, our handling was appropriate,” a representative of the Itabashi Police Station was quoted by Nippon News Network (Sept. 25).