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Man, 58, accused in murder of mother in Shinagawa

Hisanori Seki
Hisanori Seki has been accused of strangling his mother, 86, to death at the residence they shared in Shinagawa ward (TV Asahi)

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested the 58-year-old son of a woman found murdered in the residence they shared in Shinagawa Ward earlier this year, reports TV Asahi (Aug. 16).

On May 31, Hisanori Seki is alleged to have used his hands to strangle his mother, 86-year-old Rie, to death at the residence, located in the Kitashinagawa area.

After being tipped off by Seki via telephone, officers arriving at scene found the body of the woman lying face-up in the first-floor living room. She had markings around her neck consistent with strangulation.

Police also found the suspect with his left wrist slashed. A knife was found dropped in the bathroom. The suspect was subsequently transported to a hospital in a conscious state.

Diagnosed with an illness

According to police, Rie was diagnosed with an illness in the spring of last year. The suspect then served as her nurse.

Police accused Seki of murder upon his release from the hospital on Monday. He admits to the allegations.

“I couldn’t watch my mother suffer any longer,” Seki told police. “After killing her, I wished to also die.”