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Tokyo cops: Kabukicho host scammed taxi drivers by faking accidents

Yusuke Aoki
Yusuke Aoki

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Tuesday arrested a bar host who is believed to have repeatedly defrauded taxi drivers by faking accidents, reports Fuji News Network (Feb. 17).

In October of last year, Yusuke Aoki, 28, who is employed at a club in the Kabukicho entertainment area, is alleged to have intentionally been struck by a taxi traveling down a narrow road in Shinjuku Ward. He then demanded 100,000 yen as a means of settlement out of court with the driver.

Under questioning, Aoki, who has been charged with extortion, has denied the charges. Two other persons have also been arrested in the case.

The ruse was carried out with an accomplice who hailed the taxi. As the accomplice directed the driver down the road, the suspect, who was pulling a suitcase, suddenly emerged in the path of the vehicle. The car then struck the luggage.

In 2010, Aoki was arrested for a similar scam involving a taxi. According to dashcam footage provided by the network, Aoki received 60,000 yen from the driver. The network also shows footage from another incident in July of last year.

Since March of last year, Aoki and the other two suspects are believed to have collected several million yen from more than 100 taxi drivers who had fallen victim to similar scams.