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Jewelry thieves strike again in Gunma

Gunma police
Gunma police suspect two break-ins at second hand shops on Friday are connected to earlier incidents (TBS News)

GUNMA (TR) – Gunma Prefectural Police believe thieves suspected in a string of recent burglaries of second hand shops in the prefecture struck again twice early Friday, reports TBS News (Nov. 11).

At just past 4:25 a.m., thieves broke into Goldies Oizumi in the Asahi area of the town of Oizumi and stole about 15 items, including wristwatches and hand bags, valued at around 1.1 million yen after smashing display cases.

About 30 minutes later, three men broke into Brand Shop Santore in Tatebayashi City, located about 15 kilometers from the first incident, and stole more than 300 items, including necklaces and wristwatches, valued at 20 million yen.

In security camera footage released by police, two of the thieves can be seen smashing the display cases with a metal rod and collecting the merchandise in a white bucket.

According to the Tatebayashi and Oizumi police stations, the stores are located inside a mall and supermarket. In both cases, the suspects wrenched open the front door. The men in both incidents were attired in black trousers and hooded sweatshirts.

Police believe the pair may have been behind similar burglaries in Takasaki — a jewelry shop and another second hand store — in July and earlier this month.