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Hokkaido: Street scout group for Susukino sex parlors busted for harmful recruitment

Masashi Sanada
Masashi Sanada  (Twitter)

HOKKAIDO (TR) – Hokkaido Prefectural Police on Tuesday busted a scouting group in Sapporo that refers women to the sex industry for allegedly violating an employment law, reports the Hokkaido Sports (Feb. 27).

In March and September of last year, Masashi Sanada, 32, and four other persons allegedly solicited two women, aged in their 20s, to work at so-called “delivery health” businesses, which dispatch female employees to male customers for sex at hotels, in the Susukino red-light district women.

Sanada has been accused of violating the Employment Security Act regarding harmful business referrals. However, the Sapporo Chuo Police Station did not reveal if the suspects admit to the allegations.

Sanada manages a company that presides over a group of about 20 scouts. Last year, the group collected 120 million yen in fees for referring more than 250 women to at least 80 sex parlors, police said.