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Gravure idol Asuka Kishi participates in event seeking to eradicate illicit filming

Asuka Kishi at JR Shimbashi Station
Asuka Kishi at JR Shimbashi Station (Fuji News Network)

TOKYO (TR) – Gravure idol Asuka Kishi participated in an event in Minato Ward on Thursday that seeks to eradicate illicit filming of women, reports TBS News (Oct. 5).

About 40 persons, including Kishi, 26, who was attired in a police uniform and cap, and officers from the Atago Police Station, handed out leaflets warning about tosatsu (illicit filming) to commuters passing through JR Shimbashi Station.

According to police, perpetrators target women with cameras while they stand on escalators and walk on stairs. “If you are a victim, please make yourself heard,” a representative of the Tokyo police said.

Police have observed a steady rise in the number of reported tosatsu incidents. Between January and June, there were reports of 299 such incidents in the capital.

“After all, you want to wear a cute skirt, don’t you,” Kishi is quoted. “I want the establish an environment in which there is peace of mind for everyone.”