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Fukuoka: Man installed peeping cam behind fire alarm in short-stay lodge

A man installed a camera behind a fire alarm
A man installed a camera behind a fire alarm inside a short-term stay residence in Fukuoka Ward in order to film guests

FUKUOKA (TR) – Fukuoka Prefectural Police last week sent a 48-year-old a man to prosecutors on suspicion of running an unlicensed lodging business that he used to take illicit films of guests, reports the Mainichi Shimbun (Apr. 4).

Between August of 2016 and June of last year, the man, an executive in the real estate industry, allegedly leased a residence in Hakata Ward to about 50 guests without a proper license.

As well, the suspect used a camera installed behind a fire alarm in the ceiling to film a South Korean couple, aged in their 20s, who stayed there June 27 and 28 of last year.

The man, who has been accused of violating the Inns and Hotels Act and Minor Offenses Act, admits to the allegations. “I did it to view the couple having sex,” the suspect was quoted by police. He was sent to prosecutors on April 4.

After discovering the camera, the coupled lodged a report with the consulate-general of Korea in Fukuoka. During questioning, the man told police that he began filming guests in February of last year.