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Fukuoka cops: Accused stalker of HKT48 member pursued other girl

Yoshio Nitta
Yoshio Nitta has been accused of stalking a member of idol group HKT48 (TBS News)

FUKUOKA (TR) – Fukuoka Prefectural Police have revealed that a 44-year-old man accused of stalking a member of popular idol group HKT48 in Fukuoka City also pursued another member, reports TBS News (June 28).

On multiple occasions in May and June, Yoshio Nitta allegedly monitored the residence of an unnamed member of HKT48, a sister unit of AKB48. During questioning, the suspect told police that he learned the address of the girl by following a car that was carrying her. He also revealed that he has the address of another member of the group.

The matter emerged after the family of the initial victim lodged a report with police about “a suspicious man who was taking garbage” left in front of the residence. Among the items the suspect retrieved from the waste was an airline ticket stub with the girl’s name, police said.

Nitta, who has been charged with violating the Stalker Control Law, admits to the allegations, telling police that he hoped to encounter the girl through the visits to her residence.

Police are now investigating whether to apply additional charges to the suspect.