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Ex-Nakano Ward staffer denies inflicting injury in sexual assaults of 6 women

Kenichiro Takahashi
Kenichiro Takahashi (TBS News)

TOKYO (TR) – A former temporary staff member of the Nakano Ward office accused of sexually assaulting multiple women denied harming them at the opening of his trial on Tuesday, reports TBS News (Sept. 5).

Kenichiro Takahashi has been accused in nine incidents of indecent assault resulting injury involving six women.

In one incident that took place in March of 2014, he allegedly trespassed into the residence of a woman through a window and embraced her. During the incident, he also caused the victim’s head to be caught in a door, causing light injuries.

At the Tokyo District Court, Takahashi said that he did commit the obscene acts but added, “I did not inflict injury.”

According to the prosecution, Takahashi systematically targeted victims to film their underwear hanging out to dry. He subsequently accessed a computer system at the ward office to obtain their personal information. He subsequently stored photographs he took of their underwear and their passport photographs on an iPod.

The defense countered by saying that without a forceful sexual assault it is impossible to cause an injury to the victim.

First arrested last year

In July of last year, Takahashi was first arrested for sexually assaulting five women whose residences he trespassed inside. Of the five victims, he allegedly obtained the personal information of three via the same system after the crimes.

The ruling in the case is expected to be announced on September 22.