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Ex-employee arrested in murder at Aichi ramen shop

Ryota Miyaji
Ryota Miyaji

AICHI (TR) – Aichi Prefectural Police on Tuesday arrested a 27-year-old male in a murder-robbery incident at a ramen shop last week in Kasugai City. Ryota Miyaji, a former employee at  Umaya Ramen, was taken into custody for killing the shop’s manager, the assault of another employee and the theft of cash from a safe, reports NHK (Sep. 29).

On Thursday morning, Tensho Ogiwara, 35, was found collapsed inside a storage room. Another male employee, 39, was discovered collapsed near a counter. Both victims appeared to have been struck repeatedly by blunt objects.

Ogiwara, who suffered severe injuries to his skull, was later confirmed dead at a nearby hospital. The second victim suffered a bone fracture around his right eye. His injuries are considered serious but not life-threatening.

Police also discovered that at least 2.5 million yen in cash was missing from a safe in the shop’s office.

On Monday, police issued a warrant for the arrest of Miyaji. Officers from the Kasugai Police Station had questioned him earlier day but he later fled the premises. He was apprehended the following day at his parents home in Osaka.