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Ex-accountant suspected in embezzlement of ¥170 million from office of Dewi Sukarno

Shuichiro Tsujimura
Shuichiro Tsujimura (TBS News)

TOKYO (TR) – A former accountant for the agency of socialite and television personality Dewi Sukarno is suspected in the embezzlement of 170 million yen from the firm, reports TBS News (Oct. 27).

In March of last year, Shuichiro Tsujimura, a 60-year-old resident of Shinjuku Ward, allegedly misappropriated 600,000 yen at Office Dewi Sukarno while he headed the accounting department.

“I do not recall the details,” Tsujimura was quoted by the Shibuya Police Station.

Sukarno is the president of the company. The matter emerged during an internal investigation conducted in September of last year, police said.

Police suspect that Tsujimura misappropriated a total of at least 170 million yen in cash from an account of the agency.

Third wife of Sukarno

Sukarno was born as Naoko Nemoto. In 1962, she became the third wife of Sukarno, the first president of Indonesia, after meeting him at a hostess club in Tokyo’s ritzy Ginza area. She later converted to Islam and took an Indonesian name.

She operates a cosmetics business and regularly appears as a commentator on television variety shows. Prior to its bankruptcy, she was also a spokesperson for the Ahrwin Women’s Detective chain.

When reached to speak about the allegations, Sukarno said, according to Fuji News Network, “At long last, [he has been] arrested. I’ve waited one year. It was truly stupid for me to have not noticed.”