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Bad boys: Hokkaido police round up 5 bosozoku members for dangerous riding

in Sapporo
Members of a bosozoku bike gang rode dangerously through Sapporo last

HOKKAIDO (TR) – Hokkaido Prefectural Police have sent five male youths belonging to a bosozoku biker gang to prosecutors for allegedly riding dangerously in Sapporo last year, reports Nippon News Network (Jan. 31).

In October, a 19-year-old member of the gang Kyoran (Fury) allegedly was a part of a group of riders who ignored red traffic signals while slowly meandering their motorcycles between lanes in a manner considered dangerous on National Route 12 from Shiroishi Ward to Atsubetsu Ward.

The 19-year-old, who has been accused of violating the Road Traffic Act, denies the allegations, telling police that he did not ride that day.

According to police, Kyoran formed in the summer of last year. Since then, the group has repeatedly carried out rides considered dangerous through the heart of Sapporo.

In footage released by police on Wednesday, riders in white suits can be seen weaving their motorcycles back and forth on a road at night in November. On an extension of the seats, the lettering “Bosozoku Emergency Vehicle” is written.

Police have also sent four youths from the ride in November to prosecutors on the same charges. All four of the youths admit to the allegations.