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Aichi: Woman fatally bashes husband with vase

in Okazaki City
A woman fatally bashed her husband in the head with a vase at their residence in Okazaki City on Monday (Twitter)

AICHI (TR) – Aichi Prefectural Police have arrested a 79-year-old woman over the alleged fatal assault of her husband with a flower vase at their residence in Okazaki City, reports the Sankei Shimbun (May 8).

At around 2:30 p.m. on Monday, Hitomi Kusano repeatedly struck her husband, 80-year-old Nobutaka, on the head with the vase at the residence. Officers arriving at the residence found the vase, which was stained with blood, on the floor.

Kusano, who has been accused of murder, admits to the allegations, according to the Okazaki Police Station.

About three hours after the incident, a daughter of the couple entered the residence and found the body of Nobutaka slumped in a chair on the second floor. Emergency personnel arriving at the residence confirmed him dead at the scene.

The suspect and her husband share the residence. Their daughter moved back to the residence the day before the incident.

At the time of the arrival of police, the suspect was in a separate room from her husband. She was treated at a hospital for a short period after it was learned that she was having trouble remaining conscious.