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Aichi cops identify suspect in love hotel murder as victim’s boyfriend

Aichi police have accused Taiki Ueno in the murder of an 18-year-old girl at a love hotel
Aichi police have accused Taiki Ueno in the murder of his 18-year-old girlfriend at a love hotel

AICHI (TR) – Aichi Prefectural Police have identified the 24-year-old male suspect in the murder of a teenage girl inside a room of a love hotel in the town of Taketoyo as being the victim’s boyfriend, reports TV Asahi (Jan. 22).

Police allege that Taiki Ueno strangled Mizuki Honda, 18, to death inside a room of Hotel Seen some time they checked in together on Friday.

At 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, an employee found the body of Honda, a high school student from Tempaku Ward in Nagoya, collapsed inside the room and alerted emergency services. Honda was confirmed dead shortly after arriving at a nearby hospital.

Officers from the Hirata Police Station arriving at the hotel later found Ueno on the roof. The resident of Obu City was subsequently arrested on charges of murder. “I thought I would kill [her], and I did kill [her],” the suspect told police.

The cause of death is believed to have been suffocation.

Police are now investigating if the couple had experienced trouble in their relationship.