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Japanese man suspected in murder of Chinese woman deported from Argentina

Tomoyasu Takiya
Tomoyasu Takiya

TOKYO (TR) – A male Japanese national suspected in the murder of a Chinese woman in Kanagawa Prefecture seven years ago arrived in the capital on Friday after being apprehended in Argentina, reports NHK (Mar. 25).

Police plan to question Tomoyasu Takiya, 44, in the death of the woman, 40, who was found strangled to death inside an apartment in Minami Ward of Sagamihara City in August of 2010.

After Takiya’s arrival at Haneda Airport on Friday night, police charged him in the theft of 10,000 yen from a convenience store ATM in which a cash card of the woman was used on July 13, 2010. The suspect admits to the charges.

Takiya became a person of interest after an examination of security camera footage taken near the convenience store.

Takiya fled the country before the incident became known. He was subsequently placed a wanted list with Interpol over the theft.

According to (Mar. 16), Takiya entered Argentina as a tourist in 2010. Prior to his arrest earlier this month, the Japanese national was living on the streets of Buenos Aires, sleeping on sidewalks and distributing advertisements for brothels to earn a meager income.

At the time of the crime, the Chinese woman was working as a prostitute and Takiya was her boyfriend.