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Chile court: More evidence needed to apprehend man in suspected murder of Japanese woman

French authorities have accused Nicolas Contreras of murdering Narumi Kurosaki
French authorities have accused Nicolas Zepeda Contreras of murdering Narumi Kurosaki

CHILE (TR) – A Chilean judge said more evidence is needed to hand over the Chilean male wanted over the suspected murder of a missing Japanese student, reports TBS News (Feb. 18).

“To make a charge for murder, we need to know evidence regarding the location of the body of the victim,” the judge of the Supreme Court of Chile ruled.

The judge pointed out that more evidence is needed for Chile to hand over custody of Nicolas Zepeda Contreras, 26,  who French authorities say killed his former girlfriend Narumi Kurosaki, 21, a  Tokyo native enrolled at a university in Besancon, eastern France.

French authorities confirmed Contreras, who they describe as an “extremely dangerous individual,” returned to Chile on December 13.

On February 3, the Supreme Court of Chile rejected a request from French authorities to detain and hand over Contreras, citing “insufficient evidence.”

Denies allegations

Contreras denied killing Kurosaki in a statement submitted to Chilean investigators in late December.

In the statement, Contreras admitted to meeting Kurosaki on the night of December 4, which was when she was last seen after they ate at a restaurant on the outskirts of Besancon, but claims he left her room that day and has not heard from her since.

Several students at her dormitory told police they heard a scream late that night.

Contreras is currently listed as wanted by Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization).

Chilling video

Kurosaki’s family and her close friends were opposed to her relationship with Contreras, who uploaded a video saying she would have to follow conditions “in order to keep this relationship” because she “did some bad things.”

In the chilling video, Contreras says that some of the conditions would be imposed upon Kurosaki “forever.”